Thursday, February 18, 2016

New Chapter in my life 2 + 3 = Happy Heart

I have been truly blessed. I have found the one whom my heart calls home. I am truly happy to say that it took a long time to find him but there he was - one day on the golf course :) . Fast forward a year and a half and we are making the move. Because we each have children we decided to take it very slow. So some time in April, my son and I are moving in with my love and his two daughters. I can't wait. To make it special for the kids we decided to put all of our focus on making their spaces amazing! To make the house work for us we have to shuffle rooms around. Miss D (his 15 year old, horse/music lover) will be moving to the spare room downstairs, Miss A (his spunky almost 10 year old) will stay in her room but will get a refresh, and my Minecraft fanatic 8 year old will be moving into Miss D's room. Amongst making three kids rooms ah-maz-ing, we are also renovating the downstairs bathroom, recroom, making me a craft space (YIPPEEE!!) and putting in a fireplace upstairs in the living room. PHEW! So my to do list is pretty big!

Here are some inspiration photos for each of these rooms! Stay tuned for many projects to come!

Each room has a to-do list longer than my arm but I've managed to scratch some off this week! Stay tuned for more posts soon!

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