Thursday, September 17, 2015

Patience - Lesson for My Son

Life has been wonderful and I really can't complain. I have finally met the person that was put on this earth for me. He is beyond what I have ever wished for in a partner. And to top it all off he loves me unconditionally. I have been in limbo waiting for the next big step and know that I need to be patient. Everything we have ever done was with our children in mind. No rushing. No pushing. No forcing. It has been such a beautiful journey of getting to know and love all of each other. We are so sure of our love that we don't need to rush. But for this impatient girl this lesson has been tough to sit back and enjoy the journey until they are as ready as we are to take that next step. So because of this struggle I thought I would journal and make a new page for my son's book.

Was fun to do and I got to use some velum for the quote. I forgot just how much I enjoy using this simple product. Hope you enjoy!

Here is the journaling  in my son's book:

One of life's biggest lessons is 'Patience'. Patience is a daily chore that you must continuously work at. It is required everyday in so many different situations. Either being patient waiting in line, or patient with a difficult child or patient with yourself as you try to learn something new. Sometimes it's being patient as you are waiting for 'that thing' to happen. Being 'patient'  is hard work, but so worth it! Great things take time and great things come when it's time to come. Not one second sooner.

So Parker, please enjoy the time in between being patient for the things you want. If we got everything we wanted all at once, what would the point of living be?

I love you so much and I am grateful everyday that you are my son!

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