Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Worrying - Lessons For My Son Journal Page

So much has happened this past month. Some amazing and some heart breaking. 

First for the good - my son celebrated his 8th birthday (will post pictures soon) and he went away to his first overnight camp. Camp Huronda is a diabetes camp near our home and it was amazing for him! It was the first time he was away from either his father and I at the same time and it was worrisome for me. But he (and I) survived the week away. I am so proud of him for going to this camp. 

During the party planning and the going away to camp, my partner's father passed suddenly and it has ripped a whole in his family. It is a feeling I would never wish upon anyone as I have been there. My heart breaks that he has to go through this. So I am worrying about him and of course he is worrying about his mom and his siblings. So all this worrying sparked this page. 

The journalling reads: 

Worrying changes NOTHING. 

Sometimes our worrying becomes a bigger problem than the problem we are worrying about to begin with. 

Please, set your worries aside and step firmly into this very moment. Look yourself in the eye and tell yourself that from this moment forward you will stop filling in the blanks with scary details. Let life surprise you a little. 

No matter what, worrying doesn't help anything...it just keeps us from feeling peaceful when we have the power to choose peace all along.

Don't forget that everything has always always always worked out somehow. Always. And almost always everything works out beautifully for our growth and our wisdom. 

Let yourself go where the peace is. It feels so much better there.

You are so loved. Everything is going to be ok. 
(From Brave Girls Club)


Please have a worry free evening!