Monday, February 22, 2016

Miss D's Teen Room

It's funny how construction sometimes hinges on one thing. It causes a snowball effect. To get all the rooms done Miss D's room MUST be done first. She has to be out of her room before I can grab her old armoire that is going to go into Miss A's room. Plus Miss D must be out of her room so I can paint it and get it ready for Mr. P's room. My to do list and shopping list for her room is not too bad but I can't do anything until our contractor makes the niche to make her room feel bigger. 

My Shopping List for her room is as follows:
  • Barn Door track from my work Haliburton Timber Mart
  • Closet organizer
  • Mirror Closet door from my work 
  • Wood for the barn door from my work again 
  • Chair/stool so she can play her guitar 

RÅSKOG Bar stool IKEA Easy to move thanks to the hole in the seat. Plastic feet protect the furniture when in contact with a damp surface.
                                    SOLLEFTEÅ Table lamp IKEA You can create a soft, cozy atmosphere in your home with a paper lamp that spreads diffused and decorative light.SOLLEFTEÅ Ceiling lamp IKEA The lamp gives a pleasant, evenly distributed general light, as it uses a GX53 light source.

  • Poms
  • Guitar case and fabric
  • Frame for cork board
  • Marquee letter
My To - Do List is just as long:
  • Make barn door
  • Create the paper horse head that I bought from Etsy
                                                               Papercraft horse head - printable DIY template (8 pages)

  • Create a cork board
  • Make the poms
  • Paint the electric fireplace green
  • Make her Marquee letter
  • Make the jewelry box inspired by PB Teen

  • Create her gallery wall
  • Hang curtains that I got at Bed, Bath & Beyond a while ago.
  • Paint
One wall will be: CIL Moroccan Sands (she really wanted orange)
The cubby will be: CIL Rich Navy

The fireplace will be: PPG Laurel Wreath

Other Walls will be: Behr Bit of Sugar

    I will keep you posted to my progress! At least the contractor is there as we speak - finally!

    Have a great day!

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