Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Chalkboard Caddy

I picked up this little caddy from a yard sale earlier this summer. Sorry I didn't take a before picture of the whole thing but you can see it in the photo below. It had a loon on the one side.

I painted the whole thing with some Ironstone MMS milk paint, sanded it down and then painted the front with chalkboard paint. Pretty easy. I love that you can change the drawing according to the different seasons. Kinda wish I kept it for myself :)

Have a great day!


Monday, September 16, 2013

Dollarstore pumpkin make over

I love the dollarstore. It's like a big thrift store for me :) I love how you can get something for a great price and with a little effort they can be transformed into something amazing!

I picked up three little pumpkins. They were cute the way they were but I had an idea. With a little chalk paint that I had left over I painted the pumpkins all white. Then I sanded down the ridges and with some distress ink, I inked the ridges. Had some wire rope that I have been hoarding forever that I wrapped around a pencil to get the spirals. I then created a leaf form from some wire I had and glued some burlap over it.

These three little pumpkins are now waiting to be sold at my booth.

Have a great day!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

New items in my booth

I have been pretty busy working on some new items for my booth over at the Woodpecker's Cabin in Haliburton, ON.

- Fall banner
- magnets (on side - see below)
- Reusable Chalkboard Bunting
- Vintage chalkboard
- Black wire baskets with diy enamel tags
- Chalkboard Caddy
- Brown frame chalkboard

- tins (shown in previous post)
- dollarstore makeover pumpkins
- give thanks burlap frame
- shabby chic vase
- Little white thrifted owl I spray painted white.
- some magnets I made from some scrap paper and glass pebbles.
Happy that my booth looks a little more full now :)

Friday, September 13, 2013

Fall Wreath

I had this wreath form that I thrifted a long time ago and thought I would make a nice fall wreath for my booth at the Woodpecker's Cabin in Haliburton, ON.

It is a tad more shabby-chic then I like to have in my décor but I love how it turned out! I used some burlap to make the flower, with a little black felt and some vintage pearl jewelry pieces. For the leaves I painted with some left over chalk paint some dollar store fall leaves. I then had a bunch of burlap, canvas and twine left over from my FALL bunting on the wreath so I thought it would look nice dangling from the flower.

I hope it sells :)

Bye for now,


Thursday, September 12, 2013

Vintage tins DIY

This was probably one of the easiest DIY ever. It took longer to clean these tins that were found at our local dump. I used a wire brush to scrub some loose rust then a good cleaner to clean them up. I dug through my alpha stickers to find the style of numbers that i wanted. Cut around them and peeled the outside part of the sticker to create a stencil. Used some washi tape to mask the area around the stencil.

Some good craft paint (tested to make sure it stuck to the metal) and peeled away the stencil. Easy peasy :) These are heading to my booth this weekend.

Have a great day!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Thrifty Finds

Hello to another Thrifty Finds post! This is the ultimate Thrifty Find as it cost me $0!! Yup!!!

I am kinda embarrassed to tell you all this but another place we like to go 'thrifting' is at our local dump. Yes you read that right. The local dump. We have a little shed that 'too good to be put with the kitchen trash, but I am too lazy to bring to the second hand shop' items can be found. One day last week my partner in thrifting, Jay, went to the dump and came home with these. I have a plan that will be quick and easy and I will show you the results soon! A little elbow grease to clean them up and I think they will be great in my booth!

Bye for now!

Monday, September 9, 2013

hello *there* is now in a store!

I took the plunge! It's not my first time that I have some of my handmade items in a store but it is the first time that I have sold home décor items.

There is this new store in Haliburton called the Woodpecker's Cabin and you can find my items there. I have small booth (only 4 feet wide) and it's pretty empty at the moment. I am planning on making much more and have been working hard at getting more items. Some have sold already (yay) so I need to keep busy!

Here's a few pics of my booth last week.

- chalkboard tray made from old wooden tray
- chalkboard note books
- chalkboard coasters from tiles
-my numbers bench/side table
- chalkboard candles
- milk painted candle sticks
- wooden bowl (key to my heart)

- chalkboard frame from vintage artwork (sold)
- chalkboard from vintage frame (two of them)
- chalkboard recycled sign (sold)
- chalkboard vintage plate

- milk painted pedestal table
- more chalkboard candles
- more chalkboard coasters from tiles
Will post more pictures of my booth soon!
Hope you had a wonderful day!