Thursday, May 28, 2015

Rise above - Life Lesson For My Son

You know some times things don't work out like you hope. You just don't have the mojo going on to create. That was me tonight. I have been wanting to create for a while and put too much pressure on myself. But I decided to share anyway so please be kind.

I am behind on the Documented Life Project.  But I'm ok with that. I decided to try May 16th challenge - Rise to the Occasion and use some modelling paste. I couldn't think of anything about rising to the occasion so I went off topic a bit.

My journalling to my son are lyrics to a song I can not find again for the life of me to reference.

Dear Son,

The world is full of people,
content to be what they are
Who never know the joy of success;
they lack the will to go that far.

Yet in this world there is a need,
for some to lead the rest
To rise above the average life,
by giving of their best.

Are you the one who dares,
to try when challenged by the task
To rise to heights you've never dreamed,
Or is that too much too ask?

This can by your year,
for great purpose to achieve
If you accept the challenge,
and in yourself believe.

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