Saturday, November 30, 2013

Easy, Inexpensive DIY Mugs

So a few years ago I found that many pinners were pinning DIY sharpie mugs. So I went to the store, got some inexpensive mugs, some coloured sharpies and let the kiddies go to town making Father's Day mugs. I baked them according to the pins and well.... They were not permanent.  Pretty disappointed.

But then I found out that you were suppose to use the OIL BASED sharpies. They are a little more expensive so I used my coupon from Michael's and bought a white and a black oil based pen. Bought some great mugs from Dollarama and followed the same instructions as before. Did my doodling, baked at 350degrees for 30 minutes (make sure the mugs are in the oven as it heats up and cools down). And TA-DA!!! They are permanent!!

So easy and simple. Imagine the possibilities for teacher's gifts (can personalize it) and so much more!

Happy Crafting!

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