Monday, August 26, 2013

EAT sign

Another one of my summer bucket list items was to make an EAT sign for my kitchen. It's kinda ironic to have an EAT sign in my dining room as EAT! is something I say a lot during meal time. See my son is type 1 diabetic and we give him his insulin before he eats. Meal time is very stressful as he has to eat all the food he is bolused (insulin given on his pump) for because if he doesn't he will get hypoglycemic (which is very dangerous). So I do repeat EAT a lot. Anyway... getting side tracked ;)

I had found this sign on sale at our local grocery store for $2 (marked down from $14.99) and I did have it in the kitchen for a few months. But I just didn't love it. I was planning on making an EAT sign for another wall but thought - hey, why not just redo this sign.

I first painted it black, used wax around the edges to help distress it then painted it white (2 coats). Then I sanded it with sand paper to distress the edges. I printed on some plain paper my word EAT and used some graphite paper to transfer the letters onto the sign. A little black paint, then some more sanding and there you have it!

After - Like it much better than before. (Just wish my cascade walls would show better)

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