Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Chalkboard Love - In the kitchen

If you look at my pinterest boards you will definitely notice that I am obsessed with chalkboards! I bought two of these frames a few years back at Ted's (local restore) and they were u-g-l-y! They were gold and black plastic with a flower print. I have painted it a few times and had different things in it but knew what it was going to be next! A beautiful chalkboard for my dining room! First I repainted the frame white with some spray paint and then I sprayed three coats of Rustoleum's Chalkboard Spray paint. Then I used the Rhonna Designs app and used one of her pre-made quotes. I modified the layout a bit and printed it up and used this tutorial to transfer the image over. I sprayed it with some hairspray so that the little fingers in the house wouldn't be tempted to erase it and I love it!

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