Monday, February 16, 2015


Hello Everyone! Sorry for such the long delay in posts! Life has been amazing and I have been taking the time to enjoy it. I have been able to create again! Yay!! Feels so good to get ink on my hands!

I am a visual girl - as you can see. Many of my life lessons have come to me through art and analogies. One of them are my 'coats'. We all have them. We all wear different ones. We think they protect us. They are comfortable. But are they useful? I always imagine wearing a parka in the summer. That parka had it use in the winter when it was cold but wearing it when it no longer serves you is kinda ridiculous but until you get tired of wearing it and carrying around it's very hard to let go of. Like many, I have a whole closet of coats. And some I am still wearing. But fear and doubt - they are no longer required! Happy Family Day (Canada)!

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