Sunday, April 6, 2014

Lamp DIY


So this was NOT my favourite DIY. Not at all!  If you asked someone who knew me they would tell you two things about me. 1. I am NOT patient and 2. I am a perfectionist. This was a challenging project.

First the lamp. I had purchased this lamp over a year ago for $5 and have wanted to do this project forever! So because it was in storage for a long time it needed a cleaning. I used a really good cleaner to get all the grim off. Well I must of missed some. I didn't prime (lesson #1 on this project) so the spray paint didn't adhere to the whole surface. Lots of spots.

The second irritating part was the shade. I was lucky. Bought it at home depot and it had a price tag of $17.99 but because it had a little mark on the shade the sales girl took $5 off. I was pretty happy about that! So I looked on pinterest for some tutorials on how to mask the chevron lines. Well I tried four times before I got them to be lined up and almost the same size. (this was a challenge for me as I like to have things equal).

Then I painted. It's not perfect. Grr.... Oh well. It's done!  Overall I like it. Just wishing I used a different colour than the grey but do love the grey and aqua together.

Have a great day!! It is finally looking like spring here!

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