Monday, September 9, 2013

hello *there* is now in a store!

I took the plunge! It's not my first time that I have some of my handmade items in a store but it is the first time that I have sold home décor items.

There is this new store in Haliburton called the Woodpecker's Cabin and you can find my items there. I have small booth (only 4 feet wide) and it's pretty empty at the moment. I am planning on making much more and have been working hard at getting more items. Some have sold already (yay) so I need to keep busy!

Here's a few pics of my booth last week.

- chalkboard tray made from old wooden tray
- chalkboard note books
- chalkboard coasters from tiles
-my numbers bench/side table
- chalkboard candles
- milk painted candle sticks
- wooden bowl (key to my heart)

- chalkboard frame from vintage artwork (sold)
- chalkboard from vintage frame (two of them)
- chalkboard recycled sign (sold)
- chalkboard vintage plate

- milk painted pedestal table
- more chalkboard candles
- more chalkboard coasters from tiles
Will post more pictures of my booth soon!
Hope you had a wonderful day!

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